Audio Sessions from ReKindle (Click here to leave comment below)

Session 1 Steph’s Testimony 2.7.14

Session 2 Strategies of Fear 2.8.14_AM

Session 3 Rebuilding the Walls 2.8.14_PM

Session 4 Testimonies from ReKindle 2.9.14

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  1. Sandy Huber

    I’m so excited that these sessions from ReKindle are available here. And excited to see where the Lord will call you next.
    I’ve already shared the link on FB. May The Lord Bless you.

  2. timothy

    Just finished listening to my Transformed wife the conference was a life changer for her and I LOVE IT

  3. Rana Sangha

    Steph, I just listened to the Session-1 “Steph’s Testimony”. I am so touched by your faith and the power of God in you. I am looking forward to listening and learning from the other three sessions. You truly are God’s gift to us all. Love you.

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